3. About

Simon Aubury – Professionally

By day I am an Data Engineer, System Architect and general data geek.  I have a decade of experience in the Enterprise data systems.  This encompasses complex database design, development, and systems administration duties gained in large enterprises both in Australia and Europe.  My online CV is here.

Simon Aubury – The Geek

I play with all sorts of technologies (for example, see the web-controlled submarine).  I also build furniture, run, cycle and engage in numerous foolish endeavours.

Simon Aubury – The Individual

I live my wife, son and daughter in Sydney, Australia.  We love the Australian way of life but travel frequently around Australia and Europe.

General Site Disclaimer

Everything here could possibly be wrong, but may not be, and is in no way intended as any form of advice, legal or otherwise. If you believe anything I’ve said, you assume all risks and liability that may ensue, be they personal, civil, criminal, or otherwise.

I have also never played a lawyer on TV. Confusing me with someone who has would be flattering, but incorrect and foolish.