A trip to Canberra and skiing

Elise turns 4

They grow up soooo fast.  Elise is now 4!


A couple of days in Paris

Two days spent in Paris before we headed home.  Here are some photos covering Sacré-Cœur Basilica, the Eiffel Tower and finally the fabulous Jardin du Luxembourg.


The Porspoder tractor festival

It sounds like a joke title, but really the town of Porspoder closes the street to parade their proud collection of historic tractors.


Ile d’Ouessant

A day spent cycling around the island of Ouessant. The island has a population of 900 people and most people just get around by bike.

Nicholas cycled the entire 10km himself, and Elise retired to her “princess carriage” to complete the journey in style.



More Loire Valley

Loire Valley additional photos

Châteaux in the Loire Valley

Some Loire Valley photos


Random Brittany photos

Random Brittany photos.  It’s not always sunny (300 days of rain a year apparently) plus some of the local charches

Nicho sailing and scenery

Nicholas had no trouble learning to sail (complete French tuition to add to the difficulty).  Plus a few sunset photos of the coastline.

Kids horse riding in Porspoder

The kids have a horse ride in Porspoder.  Bigger than a pony!