Kids horse riding in Porspoder

The kids have a horse ride in Porspoder.  Bigger than a pony!


Les Medievales de Saint Renan

Les Medievales de Saint Renan (Medieval Festival of Saint Renan)




In France, and the weather is …

… far from ideal.  Hey; but the food is great!


Our European adventure starts with a brief stopover in Singapore to visit my sister.  The kids had a ball visinging the Singapore “flyer” and the zoo.


The last bit of autumn sun

Not hat there’s anything unusual about it; but the days are getting shorter and the nights colder.  Luckily the last bit of autumn sun has been beautiful in Sydney

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is in the middle of Sydney harbor.

Easter 2011

A quick trip to Canberra to celebrate Easter

Sydney Outdoor Cinema

Sydney Outdoor Cinema- what a great idea

Camping … in Sydney

Camping in Lane Cove National Park (pretty much in the middle of the city)

Visitors from the South