Presentation slides

A collection of presentation slides from Simon Aubury, mostly as exported PDF’s at local and international conferences.

Presentation Presentation Title Event Date
202403 DuckDB - 20 problems, 20 minutes - one solution? Sydney Data Eng meetup, March 2024 Mar 2024
202403 Explaining how GenAI works ( in a noisy pub ) Kafka Summit London 2024 Mar 2024
202312 Counting Koalas with Kafka Apache Kafka Meetup Sydney Dec 2023
202312 The inner workings of large language models Snowflake BUILD Sydney Dec 2023
202309 Leading with Uncertainty, Doubt, and Embarrassment YOW! Tech Leaders Summit Sydney 2023 Sept 2023
202305 Exploring Mastodon user behaviour with Kafka & DuckDB Apache Kafka Sydney Meetup May 2023
202305 Surprising ways to realise value with data tekMeetup-Getting Your Data Right May 2023
202303 Goldilocks and the 3 (data mesh) bears Programmable 2023 Mar 2023
202304 That looks weird! Exploring Mastodon user behaviour with Kafka & DuckDB Sydney Data Engineering Meetup Apr 2023
202210 Counting Koalas with Kafka Current 2022 Oct 2022
202210 Event-driven architecture … Why, and why now? Current 2022 Oct 2022
202209 Goldilocks and the 3 data mesh bears Sydney Data Eng meetup Sept 2022
202208 Can ML predict where my cat is now? Queensland Advanced Analytics August 2022
202206 Can ML predict where my cat is now? Data & Analytics Wednesday June 2022
202205 Vision processing with Kafka & ksqlDB Apache Kafka Sydney May 2022
202204 Can ML predict where my cat is now? Big Data Analytics Meetup April 2022
202108 Blunders in event-driven architecture By Thoughtworks August 2021
202106 Event Streaming - The 30-year-old technology disruptor Sydney Technology Leaders June 2021
202007 Sorting my socks with AWS DeepLens AWS Community Day July 2020
202005 Pairing socks with ksqlDB, Kafka and Kafka Connect Apache Kafka Meetup May 2020
201910 Machine learning & Kafka KSQL stream processing Apache Kafka Sydney October 2019
201909 Carol drives a red car - Ethically aware decision making DDD Sydney September 2019
20190000 Running Kafka on Kubernetes GCP - Google Cloud Platform GCP Data Meet-up @ Google August 2019
201908 Alice has a Blue Car - Beginning the Conversation Around Ethically Aware Decision Making ThoughtWorks - Tech Talk Series August 2019
201908 Did I beat Ben? - Race tracking with Kafka KSQL, MQTT & Kibana Apache Kafka Sydney July 2019
201906 IAG: Single View of Everything - Mongo World New York Mongo World NYC June 2019
201905 Which plane woke snowy the cat? Yow!Data May 2019
201904 Turning the wheel - Streaming 4.4 billion events with Apache Kafka - Learnings from building a single view of the customer for IAG. Realtime customer, policy and vehicle information using Apache Kafka and MongoDB Sydney Data Engineering Meetup April 2019